LC Duplex Uniboot Conne

The LC Duplex Switchable Uniboot Connector is a unique design that allows the use of round style, 2mm or 3mm jacketed cable Instead of the traditional zipcord duplex cable for a more compact design. The housing of the LC Duplex Switchable Connector can be taken apart

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LC-HD High Density Conn

GH LC-HD connector is a totally unique design which can further increase panel density over currently available
solutions and allow for the highest density possible. A gentle pull on the tab will disengage it from an
extremely dense fiber optical panel. T

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LC SM/MM Connector Kits

The LC connector was the first combination small form factor connector on the market. The use of a high performance 1.25 mm ferule gives the connector extremely high performance characteristics. The Optronics LC optical fiber connector crimp barrel assembly plus a cr

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