FTTH CATV Optical Receiver HY-21-R-CW10


CW10x FTTH series optical receiver is a cater to the ultimate development goals of fiber access household type optical receiver, suitable for FTTH (fiber to the home) optical fiber network users access to the end, household from analog or digital signal. Can be used together with the ONU or EOC, triple play.

The machine adopts low power light detector, GaAs and electric AGC technology, can satisfy the demand of the optical fiber to the home of CATV receiving. A variety of functional products in the application, is slightly different. CW10J pay attention to the cost of the product, to the user, economical application CW10A with light input 0 ~ -9dBm (AGC range can be customized), the characteristics of the output signal does not change, debugging bring convenience for the user. CW10A and CW10J can pretend isolator, satisfy the customer only allow 1550 nm light receiving, the rest of the light filter out.

CW10x FTTH series optical receiver, installation and debugging is extremely convenient, is an ideal product to construction of FTTH cable TV network.



  • GaAs Active Devices, Designed For FTTH (Fiber To The Home Network)
  • Optional optical controlling AGC circuit to keep the equipment output level constant
  • High response PD converter to make the equipment with excellent CNR
  •  Power supply: +12V(DC)
  • Frequency range:  40~862&1000 MHz
  • Excellent Linearity and flatness
  • Optical Connector: FC/APC,SC/APC,SC/UPC,FC/UPC
  • LED Optical Power Indication and LED Power Indication





Customer interface

RF Connector

F-“Female” connector

Optical Connector


Power supply

External power adapter

Optical parameter

Optical Receiver Wavelength

 1100~1600&1550 nm

Input Optical Power 

-9dBm ~ 0dBm &-15dBm ~ 0dBm(analog and digital signals)

Optical Return Loss


Optical Fiber Type

Single Mode

Optical control AGC range

-9 ~ 0dBm

RF Parameter

Frequency Range

40 ~ 862&1000 MHz


±0.75dB(45 ~ 862/1000 MHz)

Rf output reflection

≥ 14dB

Output Level

≥ 75dBuV @ -5dBm input power

Output Impedance



≥ 51dB


≥ 62dB


≥ 65dB

Working parameter

Power supply


Power consumption


Operation temperature

-20ºC to + 45ºC

Storage temperature

-40ºC to + 65ºC

Operation Humidity

10% to 95%  (no condensing)

Other parameter

Weight of Product


Overall Dimension(mm)


Packing list

Main products

Power adapter


Warranty cards(2 Year)