144 Fiber Outdoor Cabinet


GH's serial outdoor cabinet is designed for the connection between the Optical fiber cable and the main points, and it is a kind of port device. It has the function of direct or indirect connection, coiling, storage, and dispatching on the fiber cable . 
Cabinets are made of double side wiredrawing stainless steel, with the protection grade reaching IP65. Modular design; Flexible configuration and quick installation ; Suitable for ribbon and no ribbon optic fibers;30 °oblique installation of adapters, preventing eyes from laser's hurts and ensuring the fiber bending radius; Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC,ST(additional flange) adapters; The bending radii are ensured to be more than 40mm in anyplace. Reliable fiber introduction, grounding and fixing; Swap convenient; Suitable fiber integrated and optical fibers; A special suspension mechanism is designed to enable ground mounted, wall-mounted or aerial for users’ requirement.


Major technical Parameters: 

Environmental temperature:-25~+60. 
Relative humidity: less than 95%(When the temperature is below 40). 
Atmospheric pressure:70~106KPa. 
Transportation Temperature: -40~+60. 
The dew-proof, the rainproof, the dustproof and thief proof are up to YD/T988-1998 standard. 
Insertion loss: 1.31,1.55um LD lamp-house. SM≤0.18dB MM≤0.30dB. 
Return loss:1.31,1.55um LD lamp-house. SM PC≥45dB UPC≥50dB APC≥60dB. 
Insulation resistance between the cabinet and the earthing device: ≥2×104MΩ/500VDC. 
Voltage-resistance strength between the cabinet and the earthing device: non-puncture, no arc-over under 3000VDC/1min.




144 core



Available Adaptor



204/304 Stainless Steel

Net weight