OPGW Closure For OPGW And ADSS Cable HY-10-OA


The products are applicable for connection protection of special optical cables, with the functions of direct and branch connection, with the maximum of 6 optical cables, for overhead rods and towers.


Structure Features

It is of high mechanical strength, good sealing, anti corrosion by the electrified alloy shell, with sealing of sealant ring and silica gel.  It can be started, expanded, maintained and connected repeatedly, with the holding capacity of 48-piece of optical cables.  The optical cable is fixed with aluminum clamps, protecting them from being hurt, at any part of the tower (the rods are fixed with stainless steel belts, convenient and applicable for the assembly of various diameters or positions).

3.  Technical Index

radius of optical cable: ≥47mm

added loss of optical cable wheel ≤0.01dB

applicable temperature scope: -40~+80?

physical dimensions (mm): 470 (H) × 200 (φ)

length of the wheeled optical cable: ≥1.5m

max. capacity of optical cable: ≤144 piece

Anti side pressure: ≥2000N

Weight: 6.2kg